The Political Spirit – Faisal Malick




Then He [Jesus] charged them, saying,
“Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod” (Mark 8:15).

• Jesus warned against it.
• Machiavelli made no excuses for it.
• Herod built his empire on it.
• Hitler sold out to it.

It’s time to understand it!

Author Faisal Malick, a former Muslim, uncovers political propaganda masquerading as a quest for the greater good, and unmasks the political spirit behind Islam.

The sobering reality—wherever the political spirit has dominion, the nation of Islam will prevail.

The Political Spirit is a wake-up call, a straight forward book that exposes the truth of power and politics. It uncovers the façade of corrupt governing systems and religious hypocrisy by showing you what really drives people to lose their moral compass in the pursuit of power. The political spirit forges alliances with religious and Jezebel spirits to forward a hideous hidden agenda.

You can learn to recognize, resist and defeat the political spirit.


…If we will understand what Faisal is communicating, this will prevent us from falling into the same snare that Judas fell into.

There is a great handshake between the political and religious arenas. Jesus told us to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod. The Church has become entwined and enmeshed with the political system in its operation, resulting in us looking like worldly kingdoms instead of the Kingdom of God. Faisal has written the best explanation of the Herodian Dynasty that I have read. He has related this to militant Islam and how there will be a final battle for power in days ahead. He is one who has experiential knowledge of this arena. The Political Spirit is a must read!
Dr. Chuck D. Pierce
President, Global Spheres Inc.
President, Glory of Zion International
Harvest Watchman, Global Harvest MinistriesEndorsements

The Political Spirit presents Faisal Malick’s fresh look at spiritual warfare, the sovereignty of God, and our role and authority as individual Christians and as the Body of Christ. He gives clear and practical help to overcome the schemes satan deploys to keep us from all God has called us to be. When political correctness takes precedence over uprightness before God, the Church is in danger of falling prey to the political spirit. In this gripping book Faisal Malick once again verbalizes a fresh revelation from God to His Church. He is urging the Church to be about our Father’s business.
Dr. Ronald V. Burgio
President, Elim Fellowship

The first time I sat down with Faisal Malick to hear his insights on the political spirit, I was blown away. He made me hunger for more revelation on how to discern its pernicious mine fields. Jesus instructed us to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod. The leaven of Herod, (the political spirit) needs to be both exposed and overcome. You will be amazed at the revelation you receive as you read through this Spirit-inspired work. Great job, Faisal!
Patricia King

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