Chaotic Order – Danielle Strickland




“If you are in church leadership today, you are wrestling with the impact of post modern culture. Danielle Strickland takes us beyond our comfort zones to a place where we can embrace creative chaos, discerning the formative hand of God in it all. Read and be disturbed. Read and see much that is familiar emerge in a new light. May God bless and use this perceptive book.” General Shaw Clifton

Danielle Strickland does not bring order to the chaos of leadership literature. She throws the paradigm for a loop, offering a fresh, Biblically-based, culturally-informed perspective on how to lead with God. Read at your own risk.
Stacey and Wesley Campbell, authors of Pray The Bible, Be A Hero.

“As we emerge from the linear world of modernity, Strickland delineates the virtues of something we believed was virtueless:
chaos. Her book convinces the reader that God uses chaos, and our lives are richer and more purposeful when we embrace it.”
Amy Reardon, columnist, New Frontier.

Just when I thought I had God perfectly placed in a box and under my control, Chaotic Order comes across my desk and I find out that “Chaos is a gift used by God for the overthrow of human control to establish His Divine Order.” We have always thought and been taught that “God is a God of order.” Danielle begins to ask the much needed questions of “What kind of order?” and “Is our idea of order the same as Gods idea of Order?” She sounds an alarm to the ‘church’ that “order can kill you.” This is a must read for any persons in leadership.
Cory Harrison, author, Aggressive Christianity.

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